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Theme by achary
Github Stars Github Stars: 47
Last Commit Last Commit: Oct 25, 2022

minimo-eng - Minimalist theme for Hugo tuned for engineering content, based on Minimo

Engimo screenshot
Theme by natarajmb
Github Stars Github Stars: 46
Last Commit Last Commit: Dec 15, 2020

Minimalistic and Responsive blog theme for hugo

Charaka Hugo Theme screenshot
Theme by jimfrenette
Github Stars Github Stars: 18
Last Commit Last Commit: Aug 5, 2021

Hugo starter theme with webpack 5 ui build workflow

Hugo Starter screenshot
Theme by dsrkafuu
Github Stars Github Stars: 13
Last Commit Last Commit: Jun 15, 2021

「DEPRECATED」A clean Hugo template for developers with useful basic features. | 为开发者设计的基础 Hugo 模板。

Hugo Template Aofuji screenshot
Theme by nirgn975
Github Stars Github Stars: 11
Last Commit Last Commit: Oct 9, 2022

A a beautiful minimalist Hugo resume theme with a focus on Developers

DevRes screenshot
Theme by misitebao
Github Stars Github Stars: 6
Last Commit Last Commit: Jan 18, 2023

Starter for developing hugo templates

Hugo Theme Starter screenshot